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What To Consider When Buying A Beyblade

When it comes to purchasing a Beyblade, you might not think you’ve got a lot to think about-- it is a top, after all— but for a toy so small, there sure is lots to consider before you purchase.  On the basic cosmetic level, different Beyblades are going to harness different aesthetics, so try to get a sense of what you’re looking for. Some tops are colorful and flashy while others are thick and utilitarian. Knowing what to look for will make things easier when it comes time to narrow down your options and make your final selection. It'll also help to know what type of top you're looking for: whether it's an attack or stamina top.


There’s also equipment to consider. You can try to launch Beyblades onto cement or a rug, but it’s probably not going to get you very far, and in the long run, will almost certainly decrease the longevity of your top.


Instead, invest in a Beyblade stadium. This allows for smoother gameplay and also contains the carnage a bit so you don’t have rogue tops bouncing around your living space and inevitably striking someone’s foot in the process. Stadiums can also be helpful when it comes to storing the tops; if you have a stadium large enough to store all your tops and launchers, then clean-up becomes a much simpler task. It also helps keep some of the tinier Beyblade elements from getting lost in a toybox, never to see the light of day again.

Buying Launchers

You’ll also want to invest in a quality set of launchers. Spinning a top by hand might work if it’s the old-fashioned kind, but unlike your regular tops, Beyblades don’t come with a stem to spin them. Instead, you have to use their prongs to attach them to launchers and pull a ripcord to release them. While most Beyblades come with a small hand launcher, purchasing a more elaborate launcher can provide more speed and support to give your top an edge.

The variety in launchers adds to the element of competition and gives players a chance to insert an element of strategy into their game, experimenting with different angles, launch distances, and more.

Does It Matter How Many Pieces My Beyblade Has?

You don’t need to have a Beyblade with additional pieces in order for it to spin better, but each piece does contribute to a different effect for your top, depending on which type you have. The main pieces you’ll find in your Beyblade will be the energy layer base, the forge disc, and the performance tip.

The performance tip affects how your top interacts with the surface it’s on. The forge disc, which connects to the performance tip, affects the center of gravity of the top, and the energy layer base, which connects to the forge disc, affects how the top engages with an opponent when they collide in battle, and also determines the direction of speed. The GT layer, available with Hypersphere tops, can also help to determine whether the top spins to the left or the right.

What Are The Different Top Types I Could Buy?

To expand your game play, you can choose from four different top types that are each made specially to hone in on one skill. If you prefer a fast moving top that can provide a powerful hit, the attack tops are a great choice. For longer spins, the stamina tops are your best bet in the stadium, and to withstand more difficult attacks, look for a defense top. Balance tops are also a great choice if you want a combination of skills, where your top will be able to attack as well as withstand others’ attacks, and stay balanced for a longer spin time.

Does It Matter Which Beyblade I Use With My Launcher?

Generally, yes, it does matter which Beyblade you use with a launcher, and vice versa. Each generation of Beyblades come with their own set of launchers. To get the right amount of spin, speed, and power with your Beyblades, it’s best to use the coordinating launcher.

Since most Beyblades operate with a right spin, there are many right spin launchers, but there are also left spinning Beyblades, as well as left and right spinning Beyblades, and there are specific launchers for each of these as well. This also applies for any other accessories you might find; you should look for ones that are within the same generation, or correlate with the same type of spin.

How Can I Tell If A Beyblade Is Left Or Right Spin?

If you ever get the direction of a Beyblades’ spin mixed up, you can usually tell which way they should spin by the energy layer, which is the outer layer that makes contact with its opponents. Usually this layer points in one direction with a gradually increasing slope. If you spin it in the correct way it was designed, it should lead with the slope shape; instead, if you spin it in the wrong direction, it will lead with spikes, which might end up damaging your other Beyblades. The more steady it looks when it spins means that you’re probably spinning it in its correct direction.

Can I Switch Around The Pieces To Create My Own Beyblade?

Yes, you can switch, swap, and exchange pieces to create your own personal and unique Beyblade. By doing this, you can find out how different pieces affect your game play, and essentially create your own top that is better suited for the four attack types, and all the while, having a cool new design that nobody else has. Just be sure to keep track of which part belongs to which Beyblade in case you’d like to put it back to its original state.

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