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Takara Tomy

Beyblade BURST Booster 


Random Booster Vol.17




B-151 ランダムブースター Random Booster 17:タクトロンギヌス・12E・T′ 双 Tact Longinus・12E・T′ 双

  • Weight 的重量點位置能使 Tact Base 變形,轉換模式
  • 亦包括極龍版 Lightning L-Drago 及 Stardust 版 Storm Pegasis

AUTHENTIC TAKARA TOMY Beyblade BURST B151  Random Booster Vol.17 Complete Set of 8 






B-146 Random Booster 16:Flare Dragon・Ar・Pl フレアドラゴン・Ar・Pl Gaia Dragoon・Ar・Hn′ ガイアドラグーン・Ar・Hn′

  • Flare Base
  • Around Disk
  • Gaia Dragoon


DOES NOT include launchers

Stickers and Instruction included in Japanese

QR Codes for Japanese Beyblade App registration


Pre-order: 20/July


Japanese Version 

Japanese packing & Japanese manual

All my beyblade items were bought from Japan through an authorized Tomy distributor. This is a Japanese version as it can tell from the Japanese packing. 


The item will be shipped from our Japan or Hong Kong warehouse location based on your location.

B-151 Random Booster Volume 17 Vol Complete Set of 8  October


    USD Only

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